What is “NextSteps” by AssessME.org?


NextSteps by AssessME.org is a real game-changer for your church. AssessME.org will launch NextSteps in the second quarter of 2016. NextSteps is a web-based disciple-making solution that help your leadership to:

  • ASSESS people regularly for their present spiritual formation phase.
  • TRACK people’s discipleship development over time, including formation-phase graduations and global discipleship trends for effective church ministry planning.
  • EQUIP people based upon three broad formation phases: Discover, Develop, and Deploy. Each one of these broad formation-phases has three internal developmental phases for a total of nine (9) discipleship stages. Each of these nine (9) stages has their own unique “Strategy Page” where your staff can assign any of the following resource categories as they are appropriate to the user’s formation-phase, and your church’s disciple-making strategy.
    1. Phase-Appropriate Book
    2. Phase-Appropriate Videos
    3. Phase-Appropriate Audio Teachings
    4. Registration for Phase-Appropriate Small Groups
    5. Registration for Phase-Appropriate Small Classes
    6. Registration for Phase-Appropriate Small Programs
    7. Registration for Phase-Appropriate Service Projects
    8. And more!

And catch thisNextSteps enables your leadership to edit the question pools and all the reports to that the assessment may more closely match your church’s unique culture!

In addition, the NextSteps program can be used as a stand-alone tool, or in conjunction with AssessME.org’s present ministry mobilization assessments. The data between all the assessments is completely integrated and is easy to use. However, unlike our ministry mobilization assessments which are based upon static personality dynamics, come in “Assessment Packs“, and are intended to be used only once, the NextSteps program assesses Spiritual Formation which is a very fluid and dynamic process. This is why the NextSteps program can be set to automatically remind your people to retake the assessment every six (6), twelve (12), or eighteen (18) months.

Beginning in March, 2016, AssessME.org will need five (5) beta-church sites to help us fine-tune the NextSteps program prior to release. If your church wants to serve as a beta-site, please contact David A Posthuma at 1-800-724-1159, or email him at info@assessme.org. If more than five churches apply, preference will be given to established clients. I hope we can work together very soon to intentionally disciple your people to maturity in Christ, and to equip and mobilize them into effective Kingdom ministry.